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Meet Greg Finch

Greg Finch has years of experience in the magic industry. He got his start as a Master of Ceremonies for various events.  


Greg is a Retired Police Chief from the City of Campbell, CA. Greg is married to his lovely wife Tonie and has three beautiful daughters. He tries to incorporate magic into many aspects of his daily life and especially enjoys entertaining his daughters with magic tricks. He also spends time reading books about magic and illusion and taking classes to learn more about his craft.  


Greg is not just a performer but a motivational speaker as well. He has performed at over 100 assemblies and corporate events. 


He recently combined his decades of solving mysteries with his love of magic and created his must see show Murder by Magic.

Greg's Various Talents


  • Motivational speaking about the Magic of Leadership; incorporating leadership principles and skills with magic and illusion. 

  • Sleight of hand. 

  • Narrates the history of Policing through magic and illusion. 

  • Family-friendly comedy and magic. 

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